Welcome to the Orange Blossom Carnival, Turkey’s first Carnival!

When spring arrives to the country, it first knocks on the door of Adana. In the first days of April, when the magical scent of the orange blossom fills the streets, it also reminds the people of Adana that the year’s most cheerful time is soon to come. Orange Blossom Carnival!

The carnival started in 2013 and has already turned into a productive nest that boosts the city’s creativity, imagination and artistic face.

Get ready to have fun with thousands who flood the streets, dressed up in their costumes and hats and their colorful crowns of flowers that have now become the symbol of the carnival and add to the warm, Mediterranean spirit of this city!

Street Fun

The city turns into a fun fair during the carnival. Restaurants offer the wonderful tastes of Adana cuisine and prepare special programs and menus while local and national carnival sponsors smother the city with various games and events.

Artistic & Cult. Events

Dozens of artistic events organized either by the carnival committee or the NGOs and public offices meet their visitors during the carnival. “ Intangible Cultural Heritage” , “Brides of Adana, “Adana from Air” photography exhibitions are some examples that were realized in the past carnivals.

Competitions & Projects

Every year excitement starts months ahead with various projects and competitions that stir up the creativity of the citizens. “My Adana” short-film competition, “Adana is a Film Plateau” Photography Competition, “Costume Design Competition”, “Masters of the Kebab Project”, trigger many imaginative initiatives and produce output that contribute to the city’s economy and tourism.

Carnival Parade

Probably the most expected event of the whole carnival, the Grand Parade runs through the main streets of the city center. From motorcyclists to antique automobile associations and student groups who dress up to perform giant dragon choreography, innumerous NGOs, schools and communities take part in the procession.

Musical Events

Famous music bands take part on a volunteer basis in concerts where local and national bands take the stage. Amataeur music bands as well find the opportunity to spread their music with the carnival crowd on numerous street stages around the city