At the eastern coast of the Mediterrenan, in the heart Çukurova - one of world’s most fertile lands- Adana has diversity enjoyed by few other cities. Legendary tastes, warm-blooded people, colorful city life, carnivals and festivals; mountains and beaches, historical and cultural beauties within an hour’s reach- Adana is waiting for you.


Besides hundreds of delicious restaurants, Adana night-life is surprisingly colorful, too. Ziyapaşa, Atatürk and Gazipasa streets in central Adana, Turgut Özal Avenue in Northern Adana are abundant with places to dine, drink, dance and are very lively at night. Int. Theater Festival (April) and Int. Adana Film Festival (September) are also most popular times of the city.


Adana’s cosmopolitan demographic structure has endowed its cuisine with richness and variety, melting the Mediterranean, Middle eastern and Turkish constituents in a single pot.

There are many restaurants serving local specialties in Adana. The most famous member of the Adana cuisine is known as “Adana Kebab” in Turkey and “sish kebab” around the world and its international rights of geographical origin is registered by Adana Chamber of Commerce.


From dancing to sports competitions, concerts to theater performances and international festivals, Adana is home to a variety of colorful events throughout the year.

Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra and Adana State Theater have first-class performances weekly from October to May. Both Metropolitan and other municipality theaters as well as private theaters also have weekly performances.

Adanaspor and Adanademirspor in football, Botaşspor and Adana-Askispor in Women’s Basketball play their games with the support of their cheerful fans, race-buffs follow the horse-races during winter and spring. Moreover athleticism, tennis, sailing, horse riding, aviation and dance clubs organize several competitions and events throughout the year.


Snowy summits over 3000 meters and fascinating valley systems of the Taurus Mountains… Mediterranean’s most important wetlands and sandy ecosystems on the Cukurova Delta, where Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers pipe fertility.

Various cycling and motorcycling groups in Adana organize daily and overnight tours to the seaside counties of Yumurtalık and Karatas or to Karaisalı, Sarıçam and Kozan.

On the delta formed by Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers there are hundreds of birds species as well as mammals including the endangered wild cat “felis chaus” under protection.

The counties of Adana located on the Taurus range, particularly Çakıt Valley and Aladaglar offer countless trails for climbing and hiking for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Çakıt, acoomodates many destinations for paragliders and base-jumpers as well..


With a history expanding till 6000 BC and home to 18 civilizations, there are dozens of ancient cities from different periods and over 100 castle ruins.