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7 APRIL 2018

2018 6. International Orange Blossom Carnival Date is Announced...
07 April 2018, Saturday
Official Opening Ceremony of 6. International Nisan`da Adana`da  - Orange Blossom Carnival will be done on 07 April 2018, Saturday.
Details will be shared via social media channels soon...
Our official account and web-site:

  • Facebook.com/NisandaAdanada
  • Twitter.com/NisandaAdanada
  • Instagram.com/NisandaAdanada
  • Youtube.com/NisandaAdanada
  • www.NisandaAdanada.com
​CARNIVAL COMMERCIAL STANDS ANNOUNCEMENT Dear Friends, We need to make an explanation for the the process as a result of the applications of those who want to have 07.04.2018
Porta-Car Award Winning Car Design And Race Competition This fun activity that university students will design and race with their own vehicles will be held in Ziyapaşa on April 8th 06.04.2018
CORTEGE COSTUME DESIGN COMPETITION HAS STARTED ..! Design 2018 International Orange Blossom Carnival's most colorful cortege costume, join the competition, have the chance t 17.11.2017