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Cortege Opening: 6 APRIL 2019
Events: 3–7 APRIL 2019
Who is Ali Haydar Bozkurt?

I was born in Adana in 1967. I lived 29 years of my life in Adana where the streets have smell of orange blossoms.

Within this period, I have been specialised in theatre studies professionally in addition to my education life. I was also a qualified basketball player for a long time. Photography, music, etc are also some of my hobbies which I spent time.

I have continued coming to Adana on April when the oranges are blossomed from any place of world. Only one year, I could not come. On that year, thanks to my teacher and friends put the orange blossoms they collected for me in the jar and sent to me vis courier. I have saved them in the fridge for one week. I was smelling them day and night and dreamt of being on the streets of Adana on April.

It is a bit hard to tell this feel to somebody who did not feel it before. But it  is a kind of a beauty that he will remember through lifetime  if he experienced one time.
I am travelling to Adana every April and wandering around streets of Adana where the orange trees are planted intensively in the afternoon when they smell more, wearing my jeans, t-shirt and converse shoes which are a must for me.
I am tired and got sick of walking hours. Different memories at every place I have walked through....Behind the scene, wonderful waving orange blossom smells....That amazing smell washing my soul that would make me love of everything and everybody...
When we were a child, there were orange trees gardens that were close to city downcenter. In the afternoon, wind brought the smell of orange blossoms to the streets. We were feeling the smell whereever it passed through...Now there is no so much orange tree garden at downcenter, but, we can find the same smell thanks to the orange trees on the streets and at city parks.

I had an educational life in Adana in regards of social, artistic and sportive areas.
I graduated from Ayas College. I am one of the first male graduates of the school. We were only two boys at the school. Our only problem was founding mixed basketball teams of girls and boys to compete between classes as we can not found male teams lacking of enough number of boys. We were lucky...We had collected lots of memories that we would share and had close lifetime friendships. 
During the university years, I was in Adana and graduated from Management (English) in Cukurova University.
I did not study hard during my education life. My life except lessons was full of theatre, basketball, music, photoraph activities, so I did not have time to study my lessons. I was trying to learn lessons well by listening to teachers carefully. Even though, I assume that I was a successfull student. 
When I was 29 years on in 1996, I moved to Istanbul to start my professional career lately.
I have had different positions on different companies until now. I am still the board president and CEO of Toyota Turkey and at the same time board president and CEO of ALJ Holding.
I believe that success comes from 'making differences' and, all beauties and goodness on the world come out of the basic rule -'perfect communication'.
That's why I would like to share beauties unique to Adana and differentiating Adana from other places with you.
The main purpose of this website is to tell organge blossom season of Adana which is not known very well and other beauties during this season to lots of people in the world.
We habe started with our slogan 'Nisan'da Adana'da (Adana On April)'. We target to reach and invite more people to Adana with the support of friends from Adana or other parts of Turkey and let people to be the part of this outstanding experience.
This invitation is not commercial or political. We will keep our sensitivity in this sense, we only want to be a part of a 'love' job and invite people to Adana who would like to live this beauty with us on April in Adana.
Normally, according to seasonal weather trends, orange blossom days may change a bit, but ın average, trees are blossomed between 5-20th of April. We recommend to be in Adana with us on April 7th Saturday this year when there will be lots of orange blossoms on the streets.

You should not make a single day plan, of course...On our website, you may find the part ' What to do in Adana?' and on this part I planned to give you some detailed information.